Drama Club

Mr Williams and Mrs Prile are currently holding an after school drama club every Thursday after school 3.10 – 4pm. We are going to put on a production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the summer  term. More information to follow.

They are doing really well so far and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Casting so far:

Charlie: Levi Williams

Augustus Gloop: Joshua Phillips

Violet Beauregarde: Seren Hayward

Veruca Salt: Brie Roberts

Mike Teavee – Ahmet Kaya

Willy Wonka: Milan Jones

Grandpa Jo – Amelia

Mrs Bucket : Ruby Rogers

Mr Teavee – Osian Morris

Mrs Salt : Megan Williams

Grandpa George: Billy Jones

Mrs Beauregarde: Sophie Flitcroft

Mr Bucket: Dylan Edwards

Grandma Georgina: Sarae Williams

Grandma Josephine: Savannah Roberts

Mrs Teavee – Shelby

Narrators: Cara Rose and Kacey Jackson