Reminder: St David’s Day

A reminder that the children can attend school in St David’s Day costume or colours of the Welsh flag as we will be folk dancing and reciting songs and poems in the hall in the afternoon.  There is also a St David’s Day menu being served in the canteen.  (Weather permitting)

Reminder: Update

Please keep a close eye on the Wrexham Council website and the school app tomorrow morning as the weather is so unpredictable.  I will assess the site early in the morning.  Keep warm and take care. 

Reminder: Special menu on Wednesday

A reminder that on Wednesday this week the canteen will be serving a special menu to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  The choice will be Chinese chicken curry or a Chinese banquette (spring roll, quorn nuggets, corn on the cob and dips) all served with chips and rice and mandarins and ice cream.

Reminder: Car parking on Plas Kynaston Lane

A reminder to parents PCSO Hannah Harris came into school yesterday to discuss parking outside of both local schools.  It has been highlighted that parents are parking on the pavements and on zig zags outside of the Library in the mornings and after school sessions.  I would like to remind parents that the MUGA car … Read more…