Year 6: Home Learning

Good morning
Hope you are all well.  This week’s planning for all classes is based around Healthy Week, as we would normally be working on this across the school at this time of year.  We do not want the children to miss out on any of the important themes we usually deliver at school.  Health and wellbeing is a crucial part of education.  Thank you to all of the families who have sent in pictures of their children and pets.
Have a good weekend.

doc icon 01-Monday-15-June.docx
doc icon 02-Tuesday-16-June.docx
doc icon 03-Wednesday-17-June.docx
doc icon 04-Thursday-18-June.docx
doc icon 05-Friday-19-June.docx
pdf icon 06-What-positives-have-come-from-lockdown.pdf
pdf icon 07-Wellbeing-jar-instructions.pdf
pdf icon 08-Wellbeing-wheel-game-instructions.pdf
pdf icon 09-Wellbeing-game-cards.pdf
pdf icon 10-Wellbeing-wheel-game-board.pdf
pdf icon 11-Wellbeing-wheel-game-score-sheet.pdf
pdf icon 12-Circuit-recording-sheet.pdf
pdf icon 13-Fitness-Bingo-Checklist.pdf
pdf icon 14-Fitness-Bingo-Boards.pdf
pdf icon 15-pe-circuit-station-display-posters-.pdf
pdf icon 16-Fitness-challenge-cards.pdf
pdf icon 17-Warm-Up-and-Cool-Down-Cards.pdf
pdf icon 18-Scoresheet-for-Sports-Day-atr-home-Timed-agility-challenge.pdf
pdf icon 19-Sports-Day-at-Home-Timed-Agility-Challenge.pdf
pdf icon 20-Healthy-eating-top-trump-game.pdf
ppt icon 21-Healthy-Living-Multiple-Choice-Quiz-Game.ppt
pdf icon 22-The-mystery-of-the-briliant-breakfast.pdf
pdf icon 23-Healthy-eating-reading-comprehension.pdf
doc icon 24-Eat-well-plate-angles-2-dot.docx
doc icon 25-Eat-well-plate-angles-3-dot.docx
doc icon 26-Eat-well-plate-angles-1-dot.docx
pdf icon 27-My-own-eatwell-guide.pdf
doc icon 28-Rethink-your-drink.docx
pdf icon 29-graph-paper.pdf