Year 6: Home Learning

Dear Families
Please find home learning for week beginning Monday, 11th January.  If you require a hard copy, please telephone the school to arrange a suitable time for collection.  The school office is open between 9 and 12 each day, if you prefer to collect in the afternoon, please inform the school and the pack can be left outside the school office.  You can contact your child’s class teacher during normal school hours via ClassDojo if you have any queries.  
If you are do not have ClassDojo, please inform the school so we can arrange for you to be invited by your child’s class teacher.  This enables you to stay in regular contact with the class teacher.
Stay safe.
Mrs A Green

doc icon 01-Monday-11th-January.docx
doc icon 02-Tuesday-12th-January.docx
doc icon 03-Friday-15th-January.docx
doc icon 04-Thursday-14th-January.docx
doc icon 05-Wednesday-13th-January.docx
doc icon 06-Comparing-1960-and-2016-Olympics-Venn-diagram-.docx
doc icon 09-Maths-Tuesday-12th-Jan-finding-common-multiples-.docx
doc icon 10-Maths-Tuesday-12th-Jan-lowest-common-multiples-colouring-activity-.docx
pdf icon 11-Horizontal-Format-Common-Factors.pdf
pdf icon 12-Factor-Pairs-Bingo-Sheets.pdf
pdf icon 13-Factor-Pairs-Bingo-Numbers.pdf
pdf icon 14-Worksheet-2.pdf
pdf icon 15-Worksheet-1.pdf
pdf icon 16-Identifying-Common-Factors-Activity-Sheet.pdf
pdf icon 17-CfE2-M-87-Factors-and-Multiples-Board-Game.pdf
pdf icon 18-factorpus-finding-factors-activity-sheet.pdf
pdf icon 19-Differentiated-Factor-Rainbows-Activity-Sheets.pdf
pdf icon 20-Common-Multiples-Activity-Sheet-.pdf
pdf icon 21-Common-Multiples-Game.pdf
doc icon 22-The-Lighthouse-comprehension-questions.docx
doc icon 23-Diamante-poem-.docx
doc icon 24-Mini-Olympics-at-home-.docx
doc icon 25-Maths-Monday-Jan-11th-.docx
doc icon 26-Interview-with-Usain-Bolt-example-.docx