News: Update on Covid-19 in the school

As you may be aware, I have received a phone call after lunch today to confirm that one of our pupils in Reception had tested positive for Covid-19 and had just received their results.
The protocol from Public Health Wales, as you are aware, is to isolate any bubbles who have had contact with a positive case within 48 hours before they become symptomatic.  The pupil started to become unwell on Saturday and is at home with a mild temperature.  Track and Trace will be in touch with families in Reception during the next few days to give advice, there is an advice letter for Reception parents attached.  We wish the pupil a speedy recovery. 
After speaking to Public Health Wales this afternoon,  the risk level is high in the area.  I can assure you that as a school we are handwashing, hand sanitising, keeping the children in their class bubbles and away from other class bubbles and sanitising equipment.  We have staggered starts and one-way systems in place, we are constantly cleaning areas in school and each class has their own equipment.  This is all compliant with Welsh Government operational guidance.  However, Public Health Wales have said as a community if the risk level is high, we need to be working together in and out of school to reduce the risk level and follow the local lockdown rules of not mixing households and keeping a safe distance of 2 metres.  Working together we can minimise the disruption to your child’s education.  
If you have any queries, please contact school.