News: School partially open tomorrow due to strike action

Just a reminder that school is partially open tomorrow due to strike action.  
If your child is attending school in Years 2 and 4, please order your child’s meal on ParentPay before 8:00 am or phone the school before 9:30 am.  The meal choices tomorrow are pulled pork bap & saute potatoes or tomato & basil pasta, there is a choice of sweetcorn/peas and for pudding the choice is chocolate sponge & chocolate sauce, fruit or yoghurt.
Children in Years 2 and 4 please enter school through their classroom door.  If your child in Years 2 and 4 is absent from school for tomorrow’s afternoon session please inform the school office by phone or email.  
Nursery closed – Bright Stars open from 11.30am          Year 4 – open for lunch from 12pm- 3.05pm

Reception – Closed all day                                                            Year 5 – Closed all day

Year 1 – Closed all day                                                                   Year 6 – Closed all day

Year 2 – Open from 11.30am for lunch until 3pm

Year 3 – Closed all day